Secondary Hammer Crusher
Product Characteristics
°ŮUsed for Secondary Crushing
°ŮHigh Reduction Ratio and Capacity
°ŮLong Service Life of Wearing Parts
°ŮLower Energy Consumption
°ŮEasily Operation
Structural Features
°ŮReversible mechanism is provided for the crusher There is crushing plate at both sides of rotor No matter rotor rotates in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction£¨the same crushing results can be achieved£ģif there are two sets of crushing plates at two different locations£¨furthermore£¨two different output size products can be respectively achieved.
°ŮThe wear resistant scale-board is equipped on the interface of shell and ore.
°ŮThe clearance between the rotor working circle and the crushing plate can be regulated by the mechanism of crushing adjusting plate£¨in order to ensure the qualification of product sizes.

Secondary Hammer Crusher
Model Capacity
Max Feeding Size
Output Size£®mm£©,
Inner Structure Material
LPC1120.18N 600 250 20 Reversible Structure Limestone
LPC116.16N Around400 250 20